Blood Pressure Pro

Blood Pressure Pro
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Blood Pressure PRO: The Irreplaceable Assistant To Track The Blood Pressure

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No doubt technology has become an important part of our everyday life. We talk through the modern wristwatch, lose weight with mobile apps, buy and sell things by only clicking several buttons on our devices.

Medicine as well keeps up with technological progress. The application "Blood Pressure PRO" is intended to record blood pressure measurements and related activities.

Design and Usability 10/10

Designed to simplify the tracking of your measurements, Blood pressure PRO provides quick and easy entering of readings. The main window consists of sys (systolic pressure or simply the number on top), dia (diastolic pressure, usually in the bottom of the screen), pulse measurements boxes and time tracker. Underneath you will also find a comment box, where you can track mood or write about how do you feel in this particular mood for correct analysis.

To explore your data, you can set a filter by time range and daytime. Customize the highlight colours for high or critical values to make the trends noticeable. The analysis comes in percentage and diagram form.

Key Functions 10/10

This blood pressure tracker makes monitoring your blood pressure as easy as it could be. Make a measurement, enter it to the app and get an expanded analysis of your blood pressure.

Track your measurements weekly or monthly. Besides that, the app provides distribution reading by daytime. Graphical visualization helps to compare tracked data of pressure. Old measures can be edited or deleted.

Set a reminder so you would not forget about measurement or taking appropriate drugs. If you’re planning to visit a doctor, you can export the data as the Excel or txt. file or send it to your e-mail.

Security 10/10

Blood pressure PRO is totally safe. It requires minimum phone rights. It doesn't use any of your personal information except the measurements you enter to track. No GPS, no requests for personal data.

In-app purchases

The app costs $0.99, and it is definitely worth its price. The convenience and easiness of the Blood pressure PRO will become part of your daily routine.

The Verdict

Blood pressure PRO is easy to use, and it can become your personal health assistant. The app keeps you updated about your pressure with minimum efforts. You can see the trends at a glance, export your data and track the measurements changes. No doubt that the application is created to help improve your health.


  • Not free
  • No access to OneDrive
  • No backups or restore and no Excel/ODS export is currently possible.


  • Simple interface
  • Possibility to export data
  • Provides everyday statistical and analyzing trends
  • Quick and easy entering of readings
  • Meaningful statistical evaluation
  • Optional comments for each reading.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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