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In case you’ve never heard of Dude Perfect then you should know that it’s a Youtube channel (with almost 30 million subscribers) that looks like a viewer-friendly, emasculated version of “Jackass” with elements of pop-science, cheerful yelling, and some insipid, pseudo-badass soundtracks. And now these guys all of a sudden decided that releasing a mobile game could be a great idea. Again.


You might need an ambulance due to heavy overdosage of eye-friendly and coma-inducing cartoonish aesthetics of the game.  You get to play as one of the Dude Perfect dudes, and I find it both outrageous and unexplainable why their bodies are disproportionately shaped. Their heads are always a bit bigger than torsos and limbs.

The game’s physics are unconditionally based on those applied in Angry Birds game series, and that’s about it. Every good shot you do is greeted by triumphant and somewhat obnoxious roaring – a trademark feature of Dude Perfect “omg, so crazy!!!” crew.

However, it starts getting on your nerves pretty quickly, and 10 minutes later you want to disintegrate your headphones/rip a dynamic out of your gadget just to set your unfortunate ears free form the sound loop of their hollering.

As for the rest, the visual aspect of the game has been designed professionally, but it lacks character and charisma and can be described by one simple word: disposable.

The core of the Dude Perfect 2 

The Dude Perfect guys sometimes do really interesting videos, in which we can observe:

  • Miniature rocket launches.
  • Fidget spinner deadly battles.
  • Barracuda fishing.
  • Outrageous behavior on a public beach etc.

Judging by how professionally they handle various complicated tricks it’s easy to deduce that they had some special training. Should we lose access to electricity/internet tomorrow, these guys will do quite a living for themselves performing at various carnivals and fairs. Unfortunately, the game cannot offer you a variety of activities similar to that that their Youtube channel has.

Instead, you’ll have to make a basket/bowling ball go through the hoop:

  • From a red Ferrari.
  • In a sea-port.
  • In some sort of a mine.
  • In an airplane hangar, etc.

Each level has its own obstacles that make you think cautiously over what trajectory to choose, and this challenge becomes unbeatable at a certain point.

Luckily you can activate an ultimate power-up that calls in an airplane piloted by a panda, bombarding the place with a bunch of basketballs making you triumphant instantly. However, the flying panda refuses to work for free, and you’ll have to spend up to $39 on the in-game purchases to win automatically.

In case you’re not planning to yield to such unabashed money extortion, you’ll be driven nuts by the loathsome AIPs offerings and ads.

The icing on the cake is an option of dressing playable characters in “silly” suits ranging from a cowboy outfit to a Mortal Kombat-like ninja costume. Unfortunately, this mirthful feature doesn’t save the game from being a total failure and a waste of memory on your device. Too bad the flying panda can’t produce an air strike on the developers’ HQ.


They are almost the same as in Angry Birds. But I should warn you about the aiming arrow – it lacks precision that’s why you always need to take you’re aiming a bit higher than it points.

The Sentence

The game has zero replay value. It is a cursed offspring of unpardonable commercialization. You can try and squeeze all the fun possible out of it if you’re a Dude Perfect fan otherwise let it just peacefully sink into oblivion.

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