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Perchance you’ve heard that in the medieval times cats were heavily persecuted – the Holy Inquisition would sentence them to death by stake, drowning, whipping and other grim things.

The scholars haven’t reached the consensus on what caused such an animosity, but I guess Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft can shed some light on this mystery.


The graphics in this game are more or less decent and definitely better than those of many other kitty-cat simulators. At least the furniture doesn’t look like it was built by a fourth-grader in the school workshop, the oranges are spherical (just what they are supposed to be for God’s sake), and even the kitchen floor tiles are reflective.
The detalization of the settings is still not something to rhapsodize over, but at least it doesn’t make your eyes bleed which is already a huge accomplishment. The human NPCs have distinct faces and, clothes and even something remotely resembling fingers.

As for your kitty-cat avatar – it’s designed relatively normal but still looks like a stuffed carcass brought back to life through black magic. I guess its unnaturally blank popped eyes and gawky texture give me an eerie feeling. Whenever you see the kitty-cat’s face, you have an alarming suspicion that it’s going to suck the soul out of you.

The feline’s escapades are nicely illustrated by “stealthy” music with sneaky pizzicatos and mischievous clarinets – you feel like you’re almost a part of an interactive cartoon.

The core of the Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft 

As for the gameplay – the fluffy protagonist scratched its way into my heart right from the introductory video.

In the said video we can see a scientist doing some researches in the lab. At some point, he gets distracted by a passing-by woman who inspires him to produce sounds like “Oh, yeah”, “Woooh” in a monotonous, low-pitched voice and also do wolf-whistling and some sort of a mating dance.

While this extravaganza unfolds, a little kitty-cat sneaks into the laboratory and, by throwing various bulbs with unidentified liquids in them on the floor, starts a fire, perhaps causing the scientist getting burned alive.

This scene perfectly captures the spirit of the game.

There are 8 locations – park, supermarket, house, etc. that you can unlock one by one. In every location you get a list of tasks you’re supposed to accomplish, like:

  • Catch a mouse.
  • Scratch the carpets.
  • Mess up the food.
  • Destroy a TV.
  • Knock over a trash can, etc.

You get awarded with gold for completing these quests that can be spent on unlocking new kitty-cats or maps. People react to your antics with resentment, but you never see them steaming mad. I guess a frustration meter would be a nice addition to the gameplay, rewarding us with a heart-attack or tantrum scene.

Apart from causing a riot you can also ride a carousel or a robotic vacuum-cleaner, pop a couple of balloons or tease a Doberman. If you have a weakness to dress your pets – there’s a considerable wardrobe you can obtain for your kitten by spending gold.


Only a joystick and jump scratch buttons. Simple but the jump button isn’t responsive sometimes.

The Sentence

If you’re a cat-person, if you have kids, if you’re a kid yourself, if you need a free, unpretentious entertainment to kill 15 minutes of your time waiting in line to see the doctor – Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft might be your choice.

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