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According to popular science, there are two things a human can do uninterruptedly: watch someone working and a fire burning. I’d like to add to this colossal list one more activity: blowing up everyone and everything with TNT bombs.

And if you decide to give no credence to what I say then BombSquad is going to change your mind, forever.


The game is a scenic and kaleidoscopic mess, rich in colors and eye-catchy animations.

The multiple arenas are rendered superbly, and their plausibility gives you a strange feeling that all this imbroglio with little flickering munchkins is actually real and takes place right in front of you, on your own desk.

Realistic physics are a crucial component of every action game, and in BombSquad they are flawless – the little creatures demonstrate believable physics of exploding, falling down, flying through the air, etc. Depending on the context of the situation of course.

This playful catastrophe is accompanied by the most famous symphonic pieces including Offenbach’s “Cancan”, Bizet’s “Toreador” and most importantly Wagner’s “Flight of Valkyrie”.

All of the pieces dictate an upbeat tempo of the game and at the same time require no royalty payments – C-COMBO! But if you feel like blasting your own soundtrack, the game kindly provides you with this option.

The core of the BombSquad 

Originally designed as a game for parties, BombSquad is based on a conflict between two teams – Red and Blue flags.

The modes are rich in versatility:

  • Assault;
  • Capture the flag;
  • Chosen One;
  • Deathmatch;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • King of the hill etc.

Capture the flag is, by far, the most popular one. Although the task of capturing the proudly waving banner sounds a bit trivial, it isn’t by any means easy. Regularly a game in this mode lasts for half an hour.

In order to secure the triumph, you should:

  • Think strategically.
  • Cautiously calculate the bomb-throwing trajectory. Bombs come in a variety of shapes and sizes – sticky bombs, TNT, claymore mines, delayed explosion bombs, etc.
  • Utilize numerous power-ups – medkits, extra-explosives, a pair of boxing gloves and even a shahid belt that makes your character yell: “Allahu Akbar” (my personal favourite).
  • Kick or box the opponents, knocking them off the platform.

Although there’s a single player mode, the game achieves the apogee of TNT-powered mirth only in the cooperative mode. And here it gets a little bit tricky. You can play with other people for free as long as their number doesn’t exceed 3.

In case if you’re planning to bring a crowd of pals in you’ll have to cough up $4.99 – convenience goes at a price. As for the rest, other payments do not look vitally necessary since you have an unlimited amount of energy, bombs, and lives.

And even your munchkin’s customization is costless – you get a ton of skins ranging from a demented Italian chef to an enigmatic ninja. The free version bugs you with the BombSquad Pro ads persistently – deactivate your connection if you’re going solo. And one more little bonus: every last game of yours is automatically saved in a video format on your gizmo.


Controls are based on a virtual joystick/tapping/swiping. What you should remember though is that the momentum is your ally and foe simultaneously. You can use it to neutralize an enemy or fly off the platform yourself. Since the game is supported on Android TV, Mac and OUYA you can use your gadget as a controller.

The Sentence

The next time you’re having a birthday party/X-mas family reunion/sleepover or whatever – choose BombSquad as the entertainment of the evening. It’ll be a blast (forgive the double entendre).

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