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Lovers of the NBA2k17 console experience can now enjoy this updated extension on their iPhones, iPads and Android mobile phones and tablets. With advanced features such as facial scanning which allows to input your face in the game and virtual cards which enables to challenge players from around the world, basketball lovers will thoroughly enjoy this leading NBA app.


Though the iOS and APK UI won’t compare with the heavy CGI console edition graphics, it still has enough 3D depth and realistic feel to let you enjoy the experience, especially on a wide-screen tablet. There are various screens that you can easily navigate through such as the Earn VC window, the Face Scan window, and the Player Matching Window.

The sounds are realistic and enhance the experience. With a large variety of both current and past players to choose from, the game never gets boring.

The app’s interface might be a bit confusing if you haven’t played the console game or previous app versions of NBA2k, but you’ll get used to it quickly with practice. 

The Core of the Mynba2k17 

The NBA2k17 offers users the opportunity to continue their console experience, allowing users to integrate it with their PS4 or Xbox One game. You can, therefore, enjoy continuity with the game right on your iOS or Google Android device. The app also has its own added tools to enhance the user experience, most visibly the MY TEAM option in the latest version, which allows players to collect over 300 virtual cards with past and present players and build teams to challenge players around the world. The Face scan feature allows players use their faces on a player they have created within the game.  

You can earn Virtual Currency including daily VC bonus of around 1500 and other offers such as Pick and Win for 50 VC and Quick Games for 50 VC. This is an app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets although I understand that the IPA and APK might be unavailable in some countries such as China.

MyNBA2k17 is definitely worth replaying, with an array of new features such as Virtual Cards and my favorite, the Face Scan technology. MY Team which lets you build your own fantasy team with the VCs makes it quite enjoyable, though you need to invest in in-game money to enjoy the full experience.

Both the App Store and Google Play app for NBA2k17 are free. There are in-app purchases for different player packs ranging from $4.99 for the Medium Credit Packs to $99.99 for the Enormous Credit Packs. These get you Virtual Currency which you can use to buy players and unlock levels.


The controls of this game is pretty easy, like the other console games.

The Sentence

As a fan of the NBA2k game franchise, I like how the game shows continuity with the console version. I tried it on an iPhone 6+, and the Android app worked on a Samsung Tablet, and both worked well without any crashes. With the introduction of Face Scan and the 300 new cards, the game is only getting better. NBA2k18 has been released recently so users will enjoy the experience more.  I’d recommend this game anytime.

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