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If you’re looking for a straightforward bowling tool with smooth play, the 3D Bowling app is just for you. With nice graphics and seamless play, this is one time-waster you should give a try on your Google Android.


The UI is both pleasant and uncluttered, and you will enjoy the 3D graphics offered by the Android app. The design consists of realistic bowling alleys set against different backgrounds which you can choose from. The bowling ball and pins also look realistic enough, and the physics simulating the movement and effects of real bowling are quite impressive. The sound is nothing close to a real bowling alley, but it is appropriate

The design is quite simple and intuitive, right from the home screen which has various options for Play, Statistics, Settings and More Game options at the bottom. Players can choose different colors of bowling balls and alleys which enriches the experience even more.

The Core of the 3D Bowling 

The gameplay on the Google Play app for 3D Bowling is similar to the real thing. Just aim your bowling ball at the pins, bowl and drop as many pins as possible. 

With the simple gameplay and the variety of bowling scenes, you’ll enjoy playing this game as I did. You can keep track of your statistics too and submit your high scores to the online leaderboard. I had little control over the movement of the ball even when I tried to throw a curve, and that put me off a bit. It also seemed at times like I threw left and the ball moved right. 

I wish the developers included more gameplay options such as a power meter for flicking the bowling ball and a compass for accurate aiming. You won’t be able to play in tournaments like other bowling apps. The game is too simple, and it doesn’t offer much variety other than the different scenes of bowling alleys and the different colored balls. It is quite enjoyable to play the game, but I won’t replay it. The game is free and offers an ad-free version for $0.99.


The controls are as simple as dragging left or right with your finger to position the bowling ball and flicking once to bowl. Players can also throw hook balls by gesturing curves to the screen.

The Sentence

3D bowling isn’t the leading one for me. I like the realistic graphics engine and simple gameplay although this is far from my actual bowling experience. If you haven’t used other apps, I’d recommend this one because of its simplicity. If you are experienced, you might want to look for alternatives. This is an app for all Android devices. The app doesn’t work seamlessly on Android mobile. I experienced several crashes with the app and even installed several updates of the APK on the Huawei phone I was using.

The latest version of the APK experiences fewer freezes, but this is not conclusive. The ads are also a nuisance. Overall, I like the game because of its simplicity, but I have played better bowling apps.

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