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I wonder if someone didn’t like reading about dinosaurs back in the childhood days or at least watching Jurassic Park. Seriously does such a person exist?

Nevertheless, whether you’re a fan of the pre-historic beasts or not, today you have a remarkable opportunity to enjoy a noble and respectable sport of hunting these formidable lizards.  On iPhones, iPads and Android gadgets.


To be honest, I’ve got nothing to say but wow… I’m not exaggerating by any means, but this mobile game can compete on equal terms with some of the casual PC games. My first impression was that it’s a product released by Pixar or another comparable company.

Visuals of Dino Hunter are a complete composition done with finesse and subtle balance. We have realistic shades, sunbeams, flowing rivers, vegetation etc.

The dinosaur models are done with minute detalization, and you can even see that ominous spark in their yellowish eyes through the scope! As for the movement animations – the developers, I believe, spent hours watching BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs.

The game has 3 settings: a jungle, a golden beach and finally a desert-like place. Each location does a pretty good job of immersing you in its specific atmosphere. For example on the beach you can hear a gentle ocean tide, in the jungles, there are birdies tweeting etc.

Whenever you lodge a fatal bullet in a prehistoric beefcake, the slow-mo mode turns on automatically, allowing you to enjoy a blood fountain, a physically correct animation of a dead lizard body collapsing and a hard-rock guitar solo saluting your triumph.

The core of the Dino Hunter 

Your primary objective is to eradicate dinos. For that purpose, you’re supplied with 3 types of weaponry: assault rifle, sniper rifle and shotgun. Your armoury seems to be impoverished but it’s only an illusion: each weapon has a big number of upgrades, not to mention VIP-guns available after you pay.

According to the game each dino has a soft spot that allows you to have it eradicated in no time. Regularly it’s either heart or lungs – the thermal vision will help you to indicate their whereabouts. Although during an introductory tutorial you’ll be strictly commanded to shoot a young stegosaurus in its anus (not a joke). Follow this order and there’ll be a bloody explosion tearing the poor creature’s butt apart.

Make sure you aim well – every time you miss the target a dino becomes alerted and either rushes into attack (predator) or skedaddles (herbivores). And pray you don’t become a prey yourself.

The game could be a load of delight if it wasn’t for persistent purchase offerings:

  • Energy refills – the energy dries up momentarily btw.
  • Extra gold, medkits and ammunition.
  • Exotic weapons.
  • Hidden locations with super-bosses.

So if you want to vaporize a Pterodactyl with a rocket launcher or make a BBQ out of a Pachycephalosaurus, lay the cash on the barrel, up to 120 dollars. Or you can watch 360 ads to get a VIP-bazooka.

The controls

The controls aren’t difficult or glitchy, thank Heavens – basically, it’s tapping/swiping (the latter goes especially smooth with zooming in).

However, their simplicity is treacherous: once you miss your target, your fingers will be hovering over the screen like a flock of hummingbirds in an attempt to amend the repercussions of your failure.

The Sentence

The authors should go easier on monetization, and then the fan-base will double. As for the rest, the dino hunt is a spicy dish to savour. Now if you’ll excuse me, there are pterodactyls to be swiss-cheesed.

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