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Nothing beats having a racing car game easily available on your phone. The Free Car Games Android app brings you a collection of free games for your convenience. Instead of having you install individual games, this app for Android mobile conveniently lets you access all games available through a single app.


This is the leading car race app; it has just the right interface for lovers of speed and impact. The best part of the app’s interface is the multiple virtual reality races, 2D platform, and 3D simulation. Both of these make each game extremely realistic; one would be tempted to believe they are in an actual race car. The graphics are crisp and clear; made even better by a selection of top games with awesome graphics. The app for all Android devices hardly experiences any visual glitches while the races are on. 

The core of Free Car Games

For fans of race car games, the latest update of Free Car Games offers a number of unique features:

  • A comprehensive collection of the top free car games – the developers of this app must have known what car enthusiasts love. They have chosen some of the best games available in the store and compiled them within the app. The variety includes off-road games, drift, mountain, drag, and speed.
  • Game trailers – just in case one cannot decide which game to play, there are game trailers available to preview through the app.
  • Brief Game descriptions for each game to give the player a hint of what to expect.
  • Screenshot capabilities – you can take a screenshot of the app. Take a snap of your stats or an impressive maneuver while racing using the screenshot tool.
  • Daily updates – the Google Play app for Android devices gets constant updates to ensure it remains the best.

 As I mentioned earlier, the app is available for free getting on Google Play Store. Within the app, there are a few in-app purchases required. The app lets you purchase new cars for your race to improve your performance on the track and go to the next level.


Free Car Games is quite easy to use. All one needs is a strong internet connection and the latest version of Android. The first step is getting the game which is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android. Next, one has to open the app and head to the trailers section in order to preview and choose a game before proceeding to play. Clearly, the app is very straightforward and convenient to use. 

The Sentence

There are many enjoyable car racing games. An app that brings all the top games together, for your convenience, deserves top ratings. You can easily get addicted to this app since it has such a wide variety of games and terrains for your car to race on. Drift, Drag, race on mountains, in cities and much more! There could be some improvements, especially to include a multiplayer interface which would make racing more competitive. Overall, this Google Android app is one of the best ideas for racing games and is a must-have for lovers of high-speed on different terrains.

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