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8 Ball Pool is the new addiction in town. Even if you aren’t a real pool player or a pro, drop billiards like you’ve been playing for years with ease. The game is sleekly designed, customized for both Google Android and iOS.


The awesome graphics get a clean rating of 10/10, with the latest version update probably having the best graphics of any pool app thus far. The touch and rotating physics are quite responsive. The sounds also give the effect of real playing. Playing the game in landscape view allows you to enjoy the full game experience. The tool is quite colourful, and there are no unnecessary dialogue boxes or background sounds on either iOS or Android app.

The core f the 8 Ball Pool

You can play in practice mode, or you can take on other players around the world or even go into tournaments. You’ll need to create a Miniclip account or login with Facebook, or play as an anonymous guest user. You’ll go through 5 levels; London, Sydney, Moscow, Las Vegas and Tokyo. You need to purchase in-game currency and use that to enter a level. If you win, you keep double what you paid to enter the competition plus your opponent’s share. If you lose, you lose your payment too, but this never drops below zero.


Use your finger to adjust the angle of the pool stick. You can check both trajectories of the billiard and pool-stick simultaneously. Pulling the stick back will activate the Power-Meter, and you can see how much force you’ll apply. Otherwise, the regular rules of pool apply.
8 Ball Pool is quite addictive, and you may spend hours on end just playing. You can buy into extra skills when playing which makes it interesting. However, a major flaw with the game is its timing out once you’ve, say broken a rack, and a solid is sunk. The fact that you can play directly with opponents, practice or go into tournaments makes the game dynamic and quite enjoyable.

Installing the latest version of the app on iOS costs 0.99$ while the Google play app for 8 Ball Pool is free. However, you need in-app purchases to proceed through different levels. Spend 0.99$ for a set of 5 or 2.99$ for a set of 20 powers which allow you to increase your capacities.

The Sentence

8 Ball Pool is beautifully designed as an app for all Android devices plus iOS gadgets and is addictive due to the genuinely cool graphics. It’s always exciting to see yourself move up different levels and accumulate coins. It is undeniably the leader in billiards apps.

However, there’s concern about the constant timing-out of the servers especially when one is about to win, or the opponent is almost losing. You may find yourself losing up to 5 times in a row even though the odds are for you, which is frustrating. One wonders if this happens intentionally, especially for big stakes games.

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