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Full Review of Grand Theft Auto: iFruit – Are you a die-hard fan of GTA? is not an official representative or the developer of this application.
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RockStar has been creating its own gargantuan in-game universe for almost two decades (!) But unlike other massive games, it actually crossed the boundary that separates everyday reality from the virtual world.

You can play a soundtrack CD with the original DJ’s commentaries and commercials, taken from the game. You can order clothes similar to those that one of the franchise protagonists wore. And now you can also become a part of the GTA’s fictional world by getting the iFruit app to your mobile device.



The iFrut app consists of two independent parts: a functional component and a mini-game. As for the functional part – it’s done perfectly, nothing to reproach. You have a typical interface of a mobile app with icons of the services that you can utilize.
As for the mini-game about Chop, it astonished me how one of the biggest gamedev corporations on the planet can produce something of such a crappy quality.It looks like Chop has been drawn and animated in 20 minutes and then heartlessly thrown to live a miserable life among backgrounds and decorations as entertaining as a bucket of cement.

The same complaint goes to the sound effects and commentaries made by NPC’s – they are more generic and flavourless than a tofu dessert. I’m disappointed.

The core of the iFruit

As you already know it consists of two parts: the functional component and a Chop mini-game.

The functional part offers you:

  • Settings – change your avatar choose a platform etc.;
  • GTA V – monitor what’s going on in the game;
  • LifeInvader – a Facebook mockery, it helps you earn some extra in-game cash or discounts;
  • Social Club – news, communication etc.;
  • LS Customs – car customization;
  • RockStore – merchandise and memorabilia;
  • GTA III and Vice City – a gentle hint what you should buy next in the Google Store.

The best part of in this list is hands-down the LS Customs. It allows you to “pimp” your automobile wherever you are. Travelling on a train to another town? Sitting in a café waiting for your date? Why won’t upgrade your gangsta-ride? 

The upgrades include:

  • Respraying;
  • Engine resizing;
  • Selecting exhausts, wheels, alloys etc.;
  • Optionally a musical horn installation;
  • License plate change.

By the way, the latter function is available only in the application. At least it’s some exclusiveness. And thanks to it you can learn about the car parts in an easy and fun way.

As for the Chop mini-game – I have mixed feelings about it. It’s been produced negligently, which is inexcusable but at the same time, it is hilarious.

It allows you to train Chop, making him more obedient and helpful in the actual game and also provides a couple of mini-adventures:

  • Contending with male dogs over a bitch in a park;
  • Ripping the underpants of random individuals on the beach;
  • Protecting Franklin’s car from the Ballas OG’s etc.

Chop is a hood-oriented Tamagotchi, so to speak. It demands attention to feeding and faeces clearance. Are you sure you need more responsibilities in your life?


It’s as intuitive and easy as any other app and Chop is controlled through finger movements on the screen. It needs no explanation actually.

The Sentence

The GTA’s iFruit is an entertaining complement to your smartphone but only if you’re a die-hard fan of GTA V. Otherwise there’s no practical use for it.

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