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Imagine, if you will all the 80s action movie clichés, Croteam’s Serious Sam, Silvester Stallone’s square jaw and some low-budget hard rock music playing in the background put in one place to make it all look absolutely moronic badass?

Oh and of course don’t forget cartoonish settings, deafening gunfire and grotesquely masculine characters.

All these elements put in one bowl and mixed, form a hazardous, unstable and explosive substance. And it’s as much asinine, as it is addictive. It’s the Guns of Boom, ladies and gentlemen.


As I said earlier, the graphics are rather cartoonish. But at the same time, they do not look naively childish or inappropriately infantile. Probably it was done both to economize your device’s computing resources and to mitigate the ultra-violent atmosphere of the game.

Every player gets the same hilariously macho-like character in the beginning. However, his appearance can be customized. You can make him look Scottish by choosing ginger hair and moustache or turn him into a respectable but merciless elderly gentleman.

I was surprised by the detalization of the arenas available for deathmatches. Their decorations never get blurry or pixilated when you get too close to them. And also you can gain a strategic advantage by interacting with the landscape: there are numerous places to take cover in or snipe unsuspecting foes from.

All in all the visuals are picturesque; physics are smooth and believable so in my humble opinion the game sets a new benchmark in the industry.

The core of the Guns of Boom 

The aesthetics of that brutal masterpiece has been largely inspired by any FPS in existence. The aim of the game is as simple as a brick: your team of 4 gunmen in blue shirts must put in the ground the opposite team wearing red shirts.

To achieve that goal you have roughly 5 minutes. After the time is up a team that conquered the biggest score gets all the fame and women.

Set of the available weaponry includes a couple of eccentric items – even an 18th-century pistol proudly titled “Blunderbuss”. However, you’ll need to unlock them either by earning gold in the battlefield – the “surprise boxes” appear in the game every few hours – or by investing the actual money. For starters, you get an AK-47-like assault rifle.

Medkits and grenades are usable as well but they have been a source of controversy in the fan community. The problem is these consumables have been stigmatized as a cause of disbalance among the players since those who pay actual cash get lots of them.

Nonetheless, it’s been proven empirically that skilful and clever players always manage to stand on the top, regardless of real-life money infusions.

The process of both eradicating your enemies and earning in-game gold for further upgrades is captivating and I wasted enjoyed 90 minutes of my life, spent on the Guns of Boom.


As you know playing an FPS on a mobile device is quite a challenge. But there’s a know-how implemented in this particular game: you don’t have to tap the “fire” button. Your weapon spits bullets automatically, once you set the crosshair on a treacherous foe.

Although sometimes it gets glitchy due to the connection speed – it’s recommended to have at least 25-30 KBPS and avoid using Wi-Fi.

The Sentence

As for today, the Guns of Boom is one of the best mobile FPS’s. So put off all the responsibilities – there are people to shoot.

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