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Do you know that shark is a predator that never stops? Like literally: it needs to be in motion all the time, even when asleep. Relentlessly searching for a prey to devour, particularly for a plump beach visitor in a pinky bathing suit… In this game, you’re a shark – insatiable, loony and manic. And you better be in a mood for munching a couple of obese swimmers.


Well, what could we possibly expect from Ubisoft other than a juicy, colourful picture with seamless animations and physics? It is excellent – there’s no denying – but it looks almost sterile and lifeless.

Luckily the situation is saved by somewhat grim blood spatter animation – it pops up every time you sink the sharp teeth into the lusciously soft human flesh and devour it. When it happens, you can’t help but feel how the primordial hunting instincts awaken inside of you.

Also, I’d like to commend the work on lighting in the game. Particularly the fluorescent underwater shining that creates additional depth and makes you daydream of a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean Sea or at least Miami.

The movement animations are praiseworthy as well. I assume the creators took a field trip to the Museum of Oceanology and then locked up themselves there for 2-3 days. When you see a jellyfish in the game – its moves are relaxed and slow when you see a small moray eel – its moves are nervously swift. In other words, the game’s visuals combine cartoonish cuteness and realistic elements.

The core of the Hungry Shark World 

Essentially you’ll have to maintain your status of an unrivaled underwater predator, gormandizing various unlucky but still nutritious marine beasts and occasionally half-tanned vacationists.

Your exquisite cuisine will include:

  • Agile squids
  • A school of exotic fish
  • Grumpy crabs that tend to show resistance
  • Cowardly octopuses
  • Unsuspecting humans

You have to have your portion of meat in time otherwise your shark’s HP will deplete quickly thus turning your appalling avatar into a handsome feast for crayfish. Apart from delicious food, you’ll encounter enemies:

  • Sharks that strayed in your territory
  • Megalodons
  • Big Momma
  • Saltwater crocodiles etc

Once you reach a high level, you’ll be offered a mandatory fight with a mega-boss. It might be a monstrous squid, the Wheelchair Boss or even Moby Dick. Yes, everything’s the food in this game, and you’re not an exception. There are 17 unlockable sharks in total – from athletic Hammerhead to fierce Mr. Snappy and even sci-fi RoboShark.

Unfortunately, some of the sharks cannot be conquered through honest sweaty grinding and the only way to get them is parting with your dough (up to $41). Other IAPs sirenically promise you a variety of goodies:

  • Premium maps.
  • Rare companions.
  • Top-Tier sharks.
  • Extremely powerful weaponry (lasers and shields).

The last element brings in some grotesque humour since you can assume a role of a cyborg-fish stunning your prey with a laser gun or being immune to harpoons and bullets. Luckily the game still gives you a chance to patiently grind for rare stuff, and there are no stamina meters or limited lives. Replay as much as you want.


Your shark is in motion by default, and all you have to do is to direct it with the joystick, tapping on the screen from time to time to apply the rechargeable speed boost.

The Sentence

Hungry Shark World is both a splendid metaphor for real life and a charmingly brainless fun of ripping your victims apart. Plus you can learn a thing or two about marine biodiversity (and ways of devouring it).

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