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Are you ready to take part in an unrivalled duck training game? The Duck Life iOS and Android app is one of
the most excellent Duck Life adventures ever. Here’s a review of the award-winning application with over 150 million international plays.


The Duck Life app for all Android devices and Apple gadgets uses 2D graphics, which I find ideal considering the simplistic nature of the game. Regardless, the graphics are still outstanding. The background music is also captivating and creates a perfect environment to focus on the action. Notably, the revamped version of the game features improved music and enhanced graphics. These two attributes are excellent for a game that is both casual and fun. 


This instalment of the fantastic Duck Life franchise has easy-to-learn gameplay that I find fresh and familiar at the same time. The fun component of the App Store and Google Play app for iOS and Android devices is that it comprises six different duck worlds that feature new rivals and shops. These include Volcano, City, Glacier, Mountains, Swamp, and Grassland.

Before starting the game, I can customize my duck by dressing it in crazy outfits and choosing from the numerous awesome hairstyles. The more I train, the faster and agiler my duckling grows to be. I’ll be allowed to go to the six different worlds once I’ve prepared my duck to enter tournaments sufficiently. I get to watch my duck proudly as it competes against rival ducks in competitions, discovering more exciting worlds and gaining new skills. Finally, the duck enters the final race with the champion duck that’s literally on fire. 


The controls is quite simple and intuitive. You need to lead your duck while training using special buttons: left, right, up and down.

Replay Value

The replay value of the Android mobile and iOS game is in the myriad of races that come with different challenges that require new strategies to overcome. As you continue to play, you will get to learn new and exciting approaches that present themselves over the course of the multiple levels. Finally, the game is flexible with fewer restrictions that would otherwise eliminate the desire to be played over and over.

The Google Android and iOS app is a free installed at first, but you will be required to chuck out $0.99 for the full experience that is worth every cent. Duck Life will only need updating the app, and you can purchase the second part of the Android APK and iOS tool once you’ve completed the first one.

The Sentence

Despite its relatively few reviews on both Google Play Store and App Store, I still find the app a must-have on every mobile device. The latest version even brings more fun with bug fixes and the difficulty level adjustment at the beginning of the ‘Run3’ minigame. I would recommend the app to any mobile gaming enthusiast looking for a game with one adventure after another. As a cherry on top, I’ve used the app for quite some time on my iPad and iPhone, and it has never crashed or frozen on me. Its adventurous premise and easy-to-navigate design justify the app’s 4.5 rating.

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