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Are you a risky person? Do you like playing a lottery? Are you ready to put everything you have at stake just to try your luck and perhaps feel the adrenaline rush?
Well, if you are a hardcore minecrafter with a long and impressive record, then the Lucky Block Mod might be something for you. But only if it’s used in the actual Minecraft, my friends.This particular application isn’t a mod or a game. It’s a set of wallpapers.


The graphics of this application are basically the same as in the Minecraft. Well, what else could it be if it’s just an array of wallpapers for a mobile Android/iOS device, taken from the actual game?

The footages depict the above-mentioned Lucky Block at various moments when it spawns different surprise items. The pixilated treasures include mysterious daggers, diamonds, dynamite sticks, entities unknown to modern science and many other peculiar and mystical things.

I’m a worshipper of the pixel or pixel-like games and I think every single fan of Minecraft could be interested in having this “mod” on his gadget. It’s so authentic.

The core of the Lucky Block Mod

Now, the Lucky Block mod, image of which was clearly borrowed from the Mario games, is a very curious thing. It endows you with innumerable opportunities (100 to be precise) during the game and turns the gaming process into unpredictable yet extremely entertaining chaos.
It can provide you with:

  • Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Bats and other creepy/cute creatures.
  • Fireworks.
  • Diamonds, coal, iron etc.
  • Gold ingots.
  • Temples, forts, palaces, chorus trees and other structures.
  • Giants.

And as the legend has it, you can involuntarily summon the Green Keeper himself. Moreover, it’s notorious for spawning such unwanted things as explosions, poisons, predatory beasts, traps and even the dreadful black-winged Ender Dragon!

As you can see it all depends on your good luck only as the algorithm upon which the mod is based utilizes the random number generation principle.  

You can lower the difficulty level to keep yourself safe from the negative consequences. Remember that the next thing that comes from the Lucky Block may damage or even destroy your entire Minecraft world.

To craft the Lucky Block, you’ll need:

  • Four gold ingots.
  • One dropper.

And that’s it. Additionally, there’s a chance of finding it in your world, during the free roam.


If you’re lucky enough to make it work, the controls will be the same as in Minecraft. It applies to every Lucky Block mod in existence.

The Sentence

To sum it up, the Lucky Mod for Minecraft is doubtlessly entertaining. It will give you hours of adventurous and captivating gameplay and also a slight adrenaline rush. Don’t forget that the Lucky Mod doesn’t work if the actual game hasn’t been installed on your device.

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