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Perhaps you remember what a controversy Flappy Bird was. This annoying little thing stirred such a commotion around the globe, caused numerous mobile devices getting smashed into tiny pieces and, if my memory serves me, a couple of suicide attempts.

Flappy Bird didn’t have much to offer – the whole game was just one infinite level (more like Sloppy Bird amirite?). Nevertheless, it revolutionized the mobile gaming industry, giving birth to a whole new genre – flappy-tappy games. Flappy Golf 2 carries on the legacy.


Flappy Golf 2 is a textbook eye-candy, bubble-gum game. Hence its looks: juicy, innocent and adorable.

You have a number of gorgeous locations:

  • Green golf field with animated water, golden-yellow sandy traps, barrels and giant windmills.
  • A laboratory looking-like level possibly inspired by the game Portal.
  • A space station with deadly laser obstacles and beautifully animated meteorites in the background.
  • A wood with giant birches.
  • A submarine.
  • A California-like desert.

And so on.

The physics have been shamelessly burglarized from Flappy Bird that’s why you’ll need some time to adjust your tapping technique to manipulate it with ease. But I guess it’s worth it just to see the beautiful comet-like trace that your flying wonder-ball leaves in the air before hitting a hole.

The core of the Flappy Golf 2

Your objective is elementary – put the dang ball in the darn hole. However, you have no golf club here – you are the ball yourself. And once your little spherical winged avatar takes off, there’ll be no way back.

The trick here is to do as little taps as you can before the ball reaches the final destination – it gives you more points and as a result, a gold medal in case you nail it.

Every location has difficulty levels that through the course of time turn into a real challenge. Try to beat the final level on the space station with a death-dealing laser carousel, and you’ll see it for yourself!

I strongly recommend you cautiously study each golf course before having ambitions of conquering all the gold medals. It’ll give you the knowledge of the landscape and understanding of how to play with the gravity – your biggest friend and foe at the same time.

As for the biggest fun element that flappy Golf 2 has to offer, it is – hands down – the multiplayer mode, available both across the globe and in your own classroom/office/cafeteria.

The competitors (4 people maximum) gather together to participate in both frenziedly fast and extremely amusing race, desperately trying to get to the finish-line first and secretly building up a deadly hatred for each other.  This is the psychological mechanism of the competition after all.


You have 2 big fat buttons:

  • Up/to the left.
  • Up/to the right.

And gravity will take care of you going down, don’t worry.

The Sentence

The game nobly carries on Flappy Bird’s legacy adding to it an extremely entertaining feature of online competition and 29 convoluted golf-courses. Just don’t become a flappy junkie.

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