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We bet, you always dreamed at least for one day to become a citizen of Bikini Bottom, live a simple and full of fun life of SpongeBob, and enjoy the pure life joys of dwelling on the ocean floor. And now the time has come! You can approach this dream with the colorful mobile app SpongeBob Moves In.

You can now rule the actions of SpongeBob Squarepants from the day he comes to settle at Bikini Bottom. Full immersion into SpongeBob’s life is guaranteed.

Your mission is to help him get used to life in a fictional town of Bikini Bottom. First, you will assist him in moving to the famous pineapple house. Then go to Krusty Krab to get a job. Once the issues with relocation and getting a job are solved, SpongeBob can begin to make new friends in Bikini Bottom.

Through the game, you are going to complete missions and thus unlock new buildings and locations like Jellyfish Fields. You will also meet new characters after completing different tasks. You can also reveal some secrets of the well-known story. For example, how Patrick found the rock under which he lives or how Mr. Krab started his restaurant business at Krusty Krab.


  • You can build Bikini Bottom as you like or recreate it just like the iconic cartoon;
  • You will make friends and learn how to cook at your new job;
  • You will play games with Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy.


  • The SpongeBob Moves In app costs $2.99;
  • It has some in-app purchases that unlock new characters, decorations, props, and buildings;
  • The gameplay gets quite laggy after a few minutes of playing.

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