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Always dreamed to become a famous movie star? This is possible without thorough work and connections in Hollywood. Don’t believe us? Then you can try full of fun game MovieStarPlanet, which transfers you to the online social universe of fame. In this bright world, you will never get bored. Want to make sure of it personally, play with friends and stay in touch? Then faster dive into playing MovieStarPlanet!

MovieStarPlanet: how to become rich & famous guide

 Create your own movie star (perhaps this character can become your embodiment), then proceed to choose hairstyles, skin tone, smart and casual outfits, and so on. Then create an account for the following use and become a part of MovieStarPlanet.

With the bright and attractive visuals, you can easily hang for a long time on your character’s appearance. Your animations are going to look well on compatible Android and iOS devices. But we should mention, sometimes they can be a bit laggy.

Becoming famous is not a piece of cake, and you will see it. Social interacting, movies creating, watching and praising other users’ movies. Only by such hard working activities you can gain StarCoins and Fame Points required for getting costumes, animations, decorations, and other useful stuff in a movie star’s life.

It will all start from the lower classes like in the real Hollywood. From the level 0, you will proceed and reach higher levels only by earning Fame. New animations and chat rooms will be unlocked to you with these higher levels.  

On your way to Fame, you will make new friends and chat with them, design your apartments and clothes, collect autographs from different celebrities. You can even have a pet, and relax watching videos on YouTube. Adjust your appearance and movies to become wealthy, well-known, and have good connections in the movie world.

If you want to have good progress in the game, then earn an in-game currency — StarCoins. To have them, you’ll need to create movies and solve in-game issues. When you earn StarCoins, use them in the shops to buy video backgrounds, animations, music, costumes, and anything you need to furnish your movie star’s mansion.

Some rules of the MovieStarPlanet

To avoid being hacked as some users had, follow these simple rules:

  • NO filthy language in speaking to other people;
  • REPORT with the Report Button, if someone breaks these rules;
  • NO SHARING your personal information such as your name, address, phone number;
  • CONFIDENTIAL username and password;
  • STAY responsible, kind, and smart.

Why return on MovieStarPlanet?

With its regular updates, there is always something new and interesting to do on MovieStarPlanet. So you will definitely come back to this game from time to time. You can return if the new ideas about your apartments decoration, new outfits, artbooks or movies appeared. Sometimes you can miss your MovieStarPlanet friends or even pets, and this is also a reason to come back.

Maybe one day you’ll wish to become a VIP by merely purchasing a VIP account. With it, you will get access to unique game features, clothes, and other items.

So you can play spending money left and right or without spending a dime. These different variants add even more appeal to the game.  

You will soon convince that MovieStarPlanet is highly addictive and exciting game to play. And sometimes it will be difficult to prevent yourself from the constant attempts to become rich and famous. You will start playing it to enjoy the beautiful outfits and create fantastic movies, to stay in touch with your both new and old friends. And you will return from time to time to dive headlong into all this MovieStarPlanet allure.

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