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Always dreamed of becoming a farmer who grows plants and fruits, and then harvests them? Good for you! Because we found a game that can finally fulfill your farming dreams. Farming Simulator 16, as evident by the title, is a farming simulation game. Here you will try on yourself the role of a modern day farmer. Now you can efficiently practice farming without the real-life drawbacks. All this with amazing 3D graphics and an opportunity to play the game on the go!

True farmland experience guaranteed

The game is utterly engaging. Primarily, thanks to its realistic graphics. When you see with your eyes a correctly created farming environment, it’s not hard to believe that you transferred to the countryside. The developers’ job of creating realistic visuals done on the highest level.
With the well-carved landscapes, perfect lighting, and lush green fields; everything seems perfect. Further, the simulation of farm vehicles and other aspects is also commendable. You have an opportunity to choose from farmlands of American and European rural areas. Well-detailed graphics and animations contribute to a complete immersion into the game.

The gameplay of Farming Simulator is also helping you get into the spirit of the game. Of course, the game won’t meet you with action or adventure, however, you shouldn’t expect so from the farming simulation. The atmosphere of quiet and calm farming life is preserving in the gameplay.

Actually, this game gives an opportunity of exploring an open world where you are driving farm vehicles, sowing seeds, harvesting crops, managing livestock, making money, and so on. You would be at the right place if you were looking for something meditative.

The game requires you to adopt the thinking of a farmer and apply techniques and strategies to manage your farm most efficiently. With a Career mode, you will evolve yourself as a farmer. The primary motive of all your activities is to expand your farm. There are time-based missions as well. You have to complete specific tasks in these time-bound missions. Mowing grass, reaping crops, and delivering cargo are some of the tasks. The game will be played from a third-person perspective. Further, the game incorporates multiplayer mode as well.

No need to have a real farm if you are already a Simulator farmer

No difficulties in managing your farm thanks to the detailed instructions to accomplish the tasks. Farming Simulator 16 has a well-defined menus aid in navigating effectively without any complexity. The intuitive interface renders quick and hassle-free functioning without any lags.
You will simulate a farming life from the third-person perspective, which gives you a prospect to analyze the

situations, and thus, to act accordingly. Whether it’s driving farm vehicles or feeding livestock, you can feel the effects while it’s happening on the screen.

We are positive about your frequent game replaying. It is almost impossible not to come back to your farming missions from time to time. With all the tasks and situations looking realistic, there will be no need to acquire the real farm.

Farming Simulator has been assigned a rather high replay value by most of its users who tried to play it. The game engages its players in building the farm and taking care of the livestock in such a way that the players must keep playing to maintain their progress. Thus, Farming Simulator is considered pure, entertaining, and an excellent way to pass the time by quite a few of its users.
Various activities and tools, engaging tasks, and compelling gameplay make the players come back for more farming activities.

Farming Simulator is for sure a pleasant retreat for the gamers. If you’d like to experience simulation games without violence, we recommend opting for Farming Simulator. The multiplayer mode allows you to play along with your friends and other players, and share your farming experience with others.

The mesmerizing scenery of the rural landscapes is undoubtedly an eye candy. With the various activities in the game, you will avoid repetitions in the long run. Unleash your creative side in the open-world environment!

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