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You’ve probably heard of Zombie Castaways, a popular simulation game about the zombie who falls in love with a girl and wants to become a human, too. He needs to find Zombium that will turn him back to a human, and a long way of exploring islands, constructing various buildings, and growing plants is ahead of him…

Exploring the islands

To start with, you discover a mysterious island which you have to explore by removing the trees, bushes, and marble stones that block your way. As you need tools for that purpose, you have to manage your resources and find new ones. To get them, you have to construct various buildings that will generate revenue and resources needed. While clearing the island, you may find hidden treasures that are a great help.

Growing plants is one more way of managing the island and getting useful resources. You can plant seeds like blueberries, clovers, poppy, and others. Having collected enough tools and resources, you can build water wells, crypts, mills, castles, and other kinds of buildings. In return, they provide you with valuable resources. The buildings can be upgraded to generate more revenue. You can even construct universities and business centers which I wasn’t expected to see in the game about zombies.

By the way, the characters are just lovely even though they’re zombies. I say characters because when managing the island gets tougher for you, you can hire other zombies to help you out. There are cooks, builders, treasure hunters, fishermen, and many more. Zombies can work only if they have zombie brains, so it may be hard to use all of your «employees» at once.

Great graphics and the cool soundtrack

Zombie Castaways features stunning visuals combined with cool sound effects and nice background music. The detailed graphics and the colorful styling suit this game perfectly. You can distinguish these cute zombies, flowers, plants, and other small objects that are developed properly.

For your island to be even more appealing, you can decorate it with nice benches, zombie statues, flowers, sidewalks, and other amazing decorations. To purchase decorations, you need resources that you earn by completing quests.

Also, you can simply buy the resources you need with zombie cash that can either be earned through completing quests or bought with real money. They will cost you from 0.99$ to 99.99$ depending on what amount of zombucks you want to purchase.

Zombie Castaways is compatible with both iOS and Android, so you can get it for free on Google Play and App Store.

Keep going

Once you’ve fully explored and developed your first island, you can move onto the second one. There are many islands such as Pirate Island, Volcano Island, the City of Humans, and so on. You have to explore each of them from scratch – cutting trees, making resources, constructing buildings, and so on.

Each island brings you closer to your goal – mysterious Zombium that will help you to become a Human. The developers are constantly working on making new levels, i.e. islands, though upgrades aren’t as frequent as one may expect. I believe replaying won’t be that interesting. To me, exploring new islands is much more challenging.

The only thing is, waiting for resources to become available gets longer and longer over the course of the game. It’s a common feature of the genre, yet this still may be frustrating. On the other hand, there are plenty things to do between tasks. I’d rather say there is too much going on, so you need some practice to figure out how to manage your time and efforts better, especially at the beginning.

If we’re talking cons, I wish I could move the buildings to any island I want. Also, once you put a building in storage, you can’t place it back on the island from which the building came. These little properties of the gameplay seem a bit restrictive.

One more thing: you can get zombie brains for watching commercials. It’s a common practice for free apps, so I don’t mind. The problem is, you don’t always receive a zombie brain after watching ads, and I’ve seen reviews where people complained about the same problems. The developers claim that they’re working on it, yet this glitch still occurs now and then.

My Verdict

All in all, Zombie Castaways is a great simulation game with cool graphics, the creative storyline, and many interesting things to do. I believe achieving the main goal of the game is surely satisfying but the gaming process itself can be addictive and fascinating, too.

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