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Taps to Riches is one more clicker game that lets you become a millionaire – at least, in the virtual world. You get to build your own empire starting with only one building, upgrade your properties, and compete with your friends via Facebook.

Build your own empire

 At the start, you have only your house to make a handful of money per second. You can tap as quick as you could to earn more and more money in order to purchase new properties that will generate revenue. At first glance, it may seem that the game is all about tapping, but this isn’t exactly true. After tapping for a couple of minutes I just set my phone aside, and money was still earned passively. So, Taps to Riches can be called a semi-clicker since it’s more like a passive money generator where there is not so much to do. You just check it from time to time to see how things are going on and whether there is enough money to buy a new business.
Still, the game is pretty fun and even addictive as you want to buy more and more business buildings to increase your income. There are several cities where you can purchase properties: Dust Valley, Moto City, Capitalist Hill, and so on. Obviously, every next building costs more than a previous one so you need to be patient in order to save enough money.

Invest wisely, and your properties will generate more and more revenue so that you will be able to buy new business buildings and unlock new cities. Each property has milestone levels (such as 25 or 50) that alter the exterior of the building, and that is a nice touch to the game styling. The graphics are great – it’s clear, and bright, and colorful. Even tapping in this game can be fun with the shower of currency notes and coins, yet I prefer to play without sound ‘cause it gives me a headache =)

Earning more money with boosters

There are various Advisors and Bizbots to help you out. Each Advisor has its own special abilities that help you to increase your income. The only thing is, you can get an Advisor by spinning, and it’s really hard to get 4-star or 5-star Advisors when they’re the most powerful. Bizbots can also help you to earn more cash and bonuses, yet you should be ready to reset your progress and take some risks.

Also, there are daily bonuses and daily quests. The last ones add a bit of variety to the game: tapping or waiting passively for money to be earned isn’t enough to complete a quest.

As many more games, Taps to Riches has its own premium currency, and that is gems that you can earn as a reward for various achievements – or simply buy with real money. Gems let you improve your properties and increase income, so they’re pretty helpful. As I’m not willing to spend money on the game where you can become a millionaire in a matter of minutes, I’ve earned some gems for achievements. Purchasing gems and other bonuses may be easier, yet it’s still possible to play without spending real money.

What’s next?

What’s the point of the game? Making more and more money by tapping and waiting for properties to generate revenue – that’s pretty much it. Besides completing daily quests, there is not so much to do, so this seemingly addictive game may turn out to be monotonous and pointless. Still, Taps to Riches is a cool and simple time killer with great graphics and intuitive controls. If you’re not a big fan of games that prompt you to think and resolve puzzles, you may find Taps to Riches to be a nice simulator.

I don’t think replaying the game will be interesting. It seems to me that the game has no end since you can earn as much money as you want. Maybe each property has some ultimate level, but I can’t tell for sure as I haven’t reached it yet.

The game is available for both Android and iOS, so you can get  it for free on your smartphone, tablet, and other devices. The progress can be saved to the cloud but to do this, you have to connect to your Facebook account.

Bottom line

As I said before, Taps to Riches is a great idle game to spend some free time with. Unlike some other tap games, it has a plot which makes it more interesting. The graphics are nice, and various boosters such as Advisors and Bizbots stir up the player’s interest. Maybe Taps to Riches isn’t the kind of game you will play for years, but it’s a nice game to play for a couple of days – or weeks.

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