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The Sims 3 brings you the classic Sims experience on your mobile. It has everything from your lovable game to enjoy on the go. As dozens or hundreds of times before, you will create and adjust characters, take care of your house and garden, meet and make friends with other people and everything you can let yourself do in The Sims.

Visually great, but has no sound effects

The Sims 3 developers decently faced the challenge of adopting graphics for the mobile phones screens. And so the visuals are great. Rotation and zoom controls are smooth, all the details including interior and exterior environment are well-drawn.

 There is almost no voice acting, except environmental noises like a bird chirping. The music will be heard only when you tap the menu screens. Lack of in-game music is disheartening. You miss this component as you can’t fully dive into the game without noises.

Feel yourself a creator in the Sims microcosm

 Nevertheless, the Sims microcosm is at your total disposal. Do everything you want to feel your gaming experience as the real life. Cook meals, repair home stuff, go to the job, meet new people and make friends with them, fall in love, and so on. You have to keep your Sim occupied all day long. It is only up to you to choose a life scenario for your Sim. The different choices which you make through the game have a significant impact on the character. It’s an open world with a myriad of possibilities, so there are no limits in selecting your lifestyle and a kind of person you wish to become.   
The Sims 3 right from the start offers you a possibility to feel yourself a creator. With the robust tools, you can play in your Sim creation for a long time. From selecting a gender to setting an appearance, you can make your character unique in many aspects. You can also craft its personality through the selection of both positive and negative traits and the assumption of a persona.

A guide to the Sims wishes

A persona is a guide for your character that gives you as much structure for the game as you need. Each persona has lifetime wishes which you aim to satisfy, such as watching three people sleep if you choose to be a creep.

Your Sim will have some wishes every day. It can be career advancement, acquiring a new recipe or anything else. When the Sim is accomplishing each goal, the game is moving forward, and he becomes more aware of his future mini-goals.

In The Sims 3, there are 75 various wishes available for the Sims. If you can satisfy all of them, you will get some game extras. The criminal career and an opportunity to purchase a car are exciting options you might get. There is a little note: to fulfill all these wishes, you probably have to play about 12 hours a day. Maybe you prefer a more satisfying style of playing: to let things happen and see the circumstances of them to your Sim.

Create a house of your Sim’s dream

You will also have to create a habitat for your character. Start with a little house and fulfill it with the most required things like a shower, a toilet, and a fridge. After playing for five game days, you will be able to buy a $1000 house. As you go to the job and earn money, you can purchase new items like stoves, beds, and computers.

Customize everything you buy with different colors, so they match your taste. When it comes to placing the items in your house, a simple grid shows where to put them.

Nothing can be bought without money. So your Sim needs a job to live a comfortable life he prefers. You can choose from four career options: business, politics, biology, and culinary. You have to refer to the career’s associated building or go to the restaurant for culinary when you want to get a job. Once you accept the offer, keep heading back to that building for your scheduled shift to keep your job and get paid daily.

Romance and humor, and some other topics the Sims like

For most of the players, social encounters become the favorite part of the game. In the town full of various characters, there is a vital necessity to communicate with them. When it comes to the talking, the menu will offer you plenty of conversation topics to choose from. There are romance and humor among these themes. Once you select a topic, you have specific actions like telling a joke or flirting. The other Sim reaction to your actions affects your relationship.

You can develop your relationships with other Sims initiating actions they like. Above someone’s head, you will see a symbol, which means your relationship improves. And the easy-to-read meter that fills around the current relationship status shows you how close you are to take it to the next level. Enjoy playing The Sims 3 bringing all your Sim’s wishes into life.

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