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There are numerous virtual world video games, but they all differ in the quality of experience the user gets. Some stand out, and others fail to meet the standard. Avakin Life is one of the games that has managed to excel from the pack. Avakin Life is a virtual world role-playing game that gives you the opportunity to become whoever you want. The best thing about this game is the fact that it is compatible with iOS, Windows Phones, and Google Android. I got introduced to this game by my friend who is a great fan of virtual reality games. I was a bit skeptical about the game at first, but I have come to love it so much.

Choose Who You Wish to Be

Before you start enjoying the virtual reality of this game, you need to choose an avatar. You get to modify the avatar’s hair, dressing, clothes, skin, and other things. The gameplay is very straightforward. Basically, all you have to do is choose an avatar and begin exploring the virtual world as you meet new people. In this game, you can purchase items from shops, go out on dates with different guys or girls and even drink and eat whenever you want. Apart from this, this app gives you the opportunity to chat with users from different parts of the world either publically or through private messages. It is an extremely interesting game with 3D graphics that bring everything to life.

Create the Perfect Home

The App Store and Google Play app for this game features more than just dressing up and dating. You also get to design your own home the way you have always imagined your house to be. You can include any décor you wish from Modern to Classic designs. The fun doesn’t end here. Once you are done designing and decorating, you can invite your friends over to see your amazing home; they can come for parties and dinners, or you can simply invite your date for a quiet romantic time.

The only downside of this app is the fact that you do not get all the designs and accessories for free. The app features in-app purchases like chest, mound, stack offer and hoard among others. These in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $39.99. Ever since I started playing the game, I haven’t felt the need to purchase anything from the game and my experience has not been affected in any way. Therefore, I don’t think this is something you really have to worry about.

Dance the Night Away

What would be the point of having a fantastic outfit without a great place to visit? Avakin Life for iPad, iPhone, Windows Phones, and Android mobile has everything figured out. Initially, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in the game because I thought you could only visit one place or stay in your house. I was pleased to realize that there are so many locations to visit in the game. For instance, you can go to the clubs at night, to the beach or any other exciting place you wish. The choices are endless! What makes it even better is the fact that the controls are straightforward, which allows you to focus on having fun.

When using my Android app, I try to make my avatar have as much thrill as possible. Therefore, I never go back to the same location soon. This exploration makes the game even more enjoyable. It is something you should definitely try when you get your hands on this leading app.

You will not get many free virtual reality games like Avakin Life. This game has a ton of features, it has a social aspect, and most importantly, it is very interesting and engaging. I have been playing this game over and over again, and I do not get bored. I am always looking forward to meeting someone new and have interesting conversations. I have no doubt you will enjoy this game. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of 3D virtual reality games. You can get the latest version on the App Store, Windows Store or Google Play Store. Make sure you update your app for the most recent improvements and features.

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