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At first the glance, Roblox seems to be like a larva game spawned from the Minecraft family, released only to capitalize on the success of the sandbox Lego-like looking, pseudo-pixilated games.

However, it’s far from the truth: Roblox made its debut back in 2006 – almost the same time when World of Warcraft was released. But unlike its fantasy-oriented “colleague”, Roblox saw no decline in active user numbers and the app had been installed more than 50 million times.

Blocks, blocks are everywhere!

While playing Roblox, I had a bizarre impression that LEGO and Minecraft got married and then conceived a child. As a result, it has stylistics of the LEGO construction toys – the playable characters especially reminded of the tiny figurines, only with actual human fingers. As for the Minecraft-like elements – the game graphics are made of blocks and remain interactive.

The game looks like a gigantic toy world made of plastic, but it’s not even close to being infantile/kiddish. Depending on a certain game/arena, characters may have brutal and intimidating appearance – luckily there are various tools for customization in the game. You won’t look like a snotty-nosed kindergartener or a “My Little Pony” fan, while playing it, don’t worry.

Play games, design games

The central thing about Roblox you need to know – it’s not just a standalone game. It’s a whole universe of games, designed both by professionals and humble armatures.

You have a “Hunger Games” recreation, a clone of CS: GO with carefully reconstructed maps, detective mysteries, prison life simulator, socializing games inspired by The Sims, games that promote fun and excitement of assassinating people, an ironic analogue of Minecraft etc.

What I like about game-design in Roblox is that you can get an instant response from your target audience – they’ll either stick to your creation or rotten fling eggs at it – it’s guaranteed it won’t stay unnoticed.

The games designed by armatures in Roblox Studio often become a smash hit, but at the same time they may lack functionality and piss you off with lags & bugs. Meanwhile, pro-games can offer acceptable quality.

You can search for a game you’d like either by applying specific filters and then scrolling for something interesting, or by simply finding a group of interest – it’s an in-game mini-community that revolves around a certain topic or a genre. There’s a multitude of them.

I think Roblox Studio is worth a try as well, but to design your own hit-game, you’ll need a PC, basic programming knowledge (Java will do fine) and a brilliant idea.

Roblox – any bugs?

Roblox is available for PCs, Xbox, Google’s Android devices, iOS etc. I’m not sure about other platforms, but the Android controls are smooth – you operate your character with a joystick and… that’s it!

What you’ll need is good connectivity, because the game consumes your traffic the same way a hungry walrus devours baby penguins – it affects responsiveness negatively.

A big screen to enjoy the gameplay wouldn’t hurt either – on a smartphone your scope is limited which makes you easy prey to opponents when playing a shooter/survival game.

Sometimes you get disconnected when entering a foreign server, and it takes you a few extra tries to get there finally.
The game is totally free. However, it will offer you VIP-customization options for a fee: the most expensive ones cost about $250. You can earn the in-game currency Robux by joining “Builders Club” or even starting your own virtual business.

As for the rest, Roblox is a captivating game where you can easily switch genres, socialize or even build your own fan base. I liked it, so why don’t you take a shot?

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