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“Minecraftish” games changed the industry for good. Everybody wants to design a game with a creation/consumption balance to let the players shape the world around them, craft useless stuff and annoy each other online anonymously (therefore safely).

Even a mammoth-like company Ubisoft, responsible for a wide range of blockbusters from “Rayman Raving Rabbits” to “Assassin’s Creed” couldn’t just stand there doing nothing.

As a result, we have Growtopia, ladies and gentlemen for Android and iOS.

You’re going to be a farmer, son

It’s a classic sandbox game. However, Ubisoft is famous for bringing radically new elements into well-established genres.

Unlike in Minecraft or Terraria, in Growtopia you’ll have to plant seeds in grotesquely eccentric combinations in order to produce items. I know it sounds like a game developer’s fantasy inspired by an acid trip, but that’s what the entire gameplay of Growtopia revolves around.

For example, you can craft through these splicing technique things like:

  • A door – one of the very first items, it requires dirt and cave background seeds.
  • Jeans – aqua block and rock seeds
  • Old Timey radio – toilet and dungeon door seeds.

As you can see the logic for splicing seeds is quite irrational but still cute to some extent. But if you ask me, I don’t see how a toilet could be a vital element for a radio.

The seed combinations sometimes get to be confusing, that’s why head here. Recipes to learn about all possible recipes.

There are trolls under a bridge

And not only under a bridge: Growtopia is brimming with all sorts of mischievous rascals who have a passion for ruining it for a fellow human being.

You see, in Growtopia you can create your own world, decorate it the way you want – you are the only creative power in this little universe. Nonetheless, other players can find your world if they know its name and once it happens, oh boy… There will be some ruthless vandalism.

To avoid such a misfortune, you should lock your world – this function doesn’t allow anyone alter even a single break in the realm you’ve created without your permission.

Another problem the newbies suffer from is the so-called “punching”. A group of violent individuals may attack you with a sole intent of making a punching bag out of you. To avoid such a misfortune you should:

  • File a complaint.
  • Assemble your own crew and retaliate anyone who dares to play dirty.

NES legacy

The visuals of the game are a blessing but only if you’re into 8-bit aesthetics like me. The decorations around you are friendly and sunny which strongly contradicts the violent nature of the Growtopia’s community.

But if you’re not a member of the old-school 8-bit cult, you may find the repetitive backgrounds and crude pixel combinations somewhat irksome and exasperating.

Ubisoft actively supports further development of the game and the players – bugs get fixed quickly, and the latest update was released on March 20th. In case your account gets hacked and stolen, the support team will do anything to return it to you in merely 48 hours, bravissimo.

The controls are stylized as a classic joystick so you won’t experience many problems with them.

The game is totally free although it strongly hints you to invest a couple of extra bucks every so often. You see, getting new seeds (especially top-tier seeds) is a tedious and slow process – it takes you days and days of grinding. To speed it up you can simply buy gems that serve as an in-game currency but be warned: you may part with up to $30.

So far Growtopia is half-baked and needs improvement. But you still can give a try, especially if you’re fond of creative games.

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