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Telltale Games is a studio notorious for such efforts as “Back to the Future”, “The Game of Thrones”, “Law & Order: Los Angeles” and many other games, based on cult movies and TV-series.

Another daring enterprise of that creative team is the Walking Dead: The Game based on the eponymous TV-title we love so much and available as an app exclusively for iPhone/iPad. Sorry droids, tough luck.

Let’s see if it’s any good, shall we?

It’s a horror-drama, Carl

Just to let you know the entire plot is parallel to the actual TV-series which means it might be seen as canonical, but it doesn’t allow you to play as a TV-character.

No, instead we have Mr. Lee Everett – a brutal but thoughtful murderer who is on his way to a correctional facility in the very beginning of the game. However, his plans about wearing an orange prison-robe, joining a gang and eating state-sponsored chow on a daily basis get compromised when the dead rise from their graves.

That cataclysm opens up new prospects in his life: staying alive, protecting a little girl named Clementine and taking fateful decisions both for himself and his survival-companions.

As usual, Telltale Games use their beloved recipe for cooking a captivating game:

  • Dialogues/decisions – you have to participate in dialogues, especially when they turn into a heated argument and therefore take some essential, long-lasting decisions. Make sure you think twice before making up your mind – the rest of the episodes will be affected by what you choose. Although there are time limitations and you can’t ruminate for too long.
  • Zombie-butchering – warding off walking corpses involves some hardcore action, namely violent typing and vicious swiping at the right moment.
  • Puzzle-solving – searching for stuff that helps you survive the zombie-flood. It’s not really a brainer but you can become a bit annoyed when the game turns a timer on and solving a riddle must be complete within mere seconds.

All in all, there are five episodes with roughly 2.5-3 hours of gameplay each. But it will be an unforgettable and electrifying journey.

The mocking dead

Possibly the weakest aspect of the game is its visuals. I mean I realize it’s a mobile game (although it runs on PC too) and that it looks scarily similar to Silent Hill 2 but…

I couldn’t help myself but idiotically giggle at the facial expressions of those 3D wooden faces trying to mimic the human emotions and lacking lip-synching at the same time. It was as convincing as a kid standing on two cans of paint trying to look as an adult to buy booze.

As for the zombies – the work on their faces was rather sloppy and sluggish. They mostly look the same and lack any detalization whatsoever.

Nonetheless, this game doesn’t have to be gorgeous to raise your heartbeat: sudden zombie attacks accompanied by devilish growling sounds and intensive music erased that arrogant, condescending smirk off my face.

The only painful annoyance I must truly complain about is the FPS getting glitchy or frozen whenever it comes to fierce combating.

The controls are based on aggressive tapping/swiping mostly, and there’s no problem with mastering them. In fact, if your fine motor skills have become somewhat rusty, this game will resurrect them.

The verdict

The creators follow their classic strategy: first game come at no price the rest are 5 bucks apiece although bundles are way cheaper (save up to 5 dollars).

I guarantee every cent you spend on this game is worth it because at one point after you finish it, you’ll have an urge to replay it again. And again.

Walking Dead: The Game is a beautiful mixture of grim violence, bad words, horrorcore thrills and human emotions with a slightly optimistic touch.

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