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In this leading simulation game, players can create their city block by block by making lots of buildings. You can construct practically anything with the iOS and Android app, from street lamps, roads, houses, banks, cars or even skyscrapers. Here’s a review of this application.

As the name suggests, the Google Play app for Android mobile and App Store app for iOS devices uses excellent 3D characters with pixel graphics. This makes it very easy for you to build all these structures, making it an ideal visual treat. This kind of attributes makes the game one of the most intriguing and interactive in the market.

The gameplay gets this addictive

In this game, you can construct any type of building. Each of these buildings is made using two methods. You can access the buildings in the find menu option at the top-right corner of your device screen. Some of the buildings are locked in the beginning, but will gradually avail themselves as you level up. To create buildings with Block Craft 3D for free, you will have to spend coins. You’ll earn these coins by collecting rent from the buildings you’ve constructed.

Another interesting factor of the game is that you can name a village you own and get it a badge. You can also customize how your avatar looks, as well as the villagers. You can access these options in the game’s My Villagers section, located at the screen’s top left corner. The free get also offers several animals that you can play with. You can adopt your favorite animal as your pet and enjoy playing with them.

The game also includes a multiplayer option where you can explore other player’s villages and see how they’ve been built. This way, you can get new building ideas and use them developing your own village. You can also use the map option to move to other locations within your village. You can travel to other villages with the explore option. The gameplay entirely befits the simple nature of the app that interestingly creates complex buildings.

The game uses a set of controls that are straightforward, convenient, and easy to understand. There’s a character, either a male or female, which you can move around with a navigation wheel. The wheel is located at the bottom left part of your screen. To make the character jump, you’ll need to tap on this wheel. Also, you can just swipe your fingers on the screen to change the camera angles. The camera view can be adjusted by clicking on the camera option at the lower left side of your screen. The simple controls create more convenience, an attribute that is ideal for this game genre.

Why am I glued to the game?

The replay value of the Google Android and iOS app is in the fact that you can construct almost any structure in the game quickly. Since you only need to choose what to build and indicate where you need each of the blocks placed, it would be irresistible to test your creativity every now and again. You also receive rewards once you’ve completed any construction, so it would be worth it to complete as many projects as possible.

Block Craft 3D Building simulator game offers some in-app purchases. The Chest of Gems is the most expensive, going at $99.99, while the cheapest one is the Flying ability that you can purchase at $2.99. Of course, you know how important these new features can be in influencing your user experience. Keep the game updated to the latest version to enjoy new features and improved gameplay.

You definitely know my verdict by now

Block Craft 3D has a design that appeals to those who enjoy building games. It offers you the chance to employ your imagination to create a village. The fact that you can build your own city and customize it any way you like is really attractive. The great game is easy to play, and you will always have easy ways of killing times between appointments. Notably, the fact that it offers different languages is also a plus. I would recommend the game to gaming enthusiasts with creative minds and to those, who enjoy creating stuff.

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