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I have always toyed with the idea of farming. However, I have never embraced the idea of wearing a straw hat and overalls as I get my hands dirty. For this reason, I was ecstatic when my friend introduced me to Farming Stimulator 3D. This game made it possible for me to practice farming on the go without the real-life drawbacks. However, it wasn’t always enjoyable for me because I did not understand how to use the game to get the most out of it since it lacked tutorials and user guidelines. When I came across Farming Stimulator 14, I was overjoyed. I had a feeling it was an upgrade of the previous game, but I wasn’t really sure.

Does it Offer Guided Assistance and Is it Worth it?

The Farming Simulator 14 app did not meet all my expectations. I expected that the developers would add more guidelines and tutorials to ensure users have a better experience with the game. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. They only introduced a few pop-up messages that let you know how to use different tools, but that’s it. You have to keep going back to the manual to understand how the game works. I believe they should have focused more on implementing assistance for players, especially the ones who have no experience with such a game. Therefore, this was a miss for me.

The App Store and Google Play app for farming is said to have 3D graphics. However, in my opinion, it doesn’t have the best ones out there. In fact, the graphics look like something you’d expect to see in the 90’s. The isolated and deserted fields look generic, and the game severely lacks animations. For instance, when you harvest wheat, you don’t see where it goes, it just disappears. The sound is also quite sparse. The only thing you will hear is the sound of the engines.

This free to get farming app will without a doubt stimulate your desire to farm. It has a great user interface, and the basic controls are easy to understand. There are only a few of them that are conveniently placed on the screen in a way that doesn’t distract you from playing. However, I feel like there isn’t enough incentive for the player to play for long.  In the beginning, this game is exciting and unique. However, the gameplay doesn’t really change over time. Therefore, you don’t really get a reason to keep playing the game.

Better Farming Experience

While this game will not get your gaming juices flowing, it has a positive side. If you enjoy farming and you know a thing or two about it, you will without a doubt enjoy this iOS and Android app because it offers a decent farming experience. When you begin, your farming adventure will be limited to a total of 3 fields. One field is overgrown with grass which you can use to feed your cattle, another one is ready for cultivating, and the last one is waiting to be harvested. You will also be given access to all the equipment you need to start making a profit on the farm.

Amazing Challenges

The fact that this game doesn’t have detailed tutorials is already quite a hurdle. However, the game also includes some challenges meant to make you a better player or ‘farmer.’ One such challenge is the equipment in the game. You have to figure out what to use in the different fields and how to go about feeding your cattle so that you can get milk and fertilizer. It is quite overwhelming but very rewarding when you figure it out.

The iPhone and Google Android app has some in-app purchases. The only thing you may want to purchase is additional equipment and vehicles for your farm. However, you can make do without these purchases because they don’t really impact your game.

Farming Stimulator 14 is a decent game. However, it has a steep learning curve before you get to a point where you understand the game and can play it with ease. Considering that I tested the updated version, I think this should have been fixed by now. Nonetheless, it provides a great learning experience and is quite fun. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys farming and isn’t so much into thrilling games. Get the latest version of this leading app on App Store or Google Play Store. 

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