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Looking for an interesting war game that will keep you glued to your phone? Then Monster Legends – RPG is here for you. In this App Store and Google Play app for mobile devices, you’ll be required to fight with the master monster-fighting force and lead the group to victory. You also get to breed, raise, train, and feed the legendary monsters and make them victors. Here’s the review of this app.

The captivating gameplay and graphics

The graphics in the action-packed game will get you glued to your screen from the first use. This game uses excellent 3D graphics alongside great creativity, attributes that are ideal for this kind of game. Despite the graphics used, the iOS and Android app still functions perfectly on various devices. Even the enhanced latest version doesn’t make my phone hot nor does it change its responsiveness with prolonged use.

Monster Legends Google Android and iOS game involves leading your monsters through a virtual world while battling it out in a quest characterized by action-packed matches. Every monster has a special set of abilities, and you can create an improved and exemplary rare species by breeding monsters with different elements. You have over 500 different monsters to choose from, offering more combinations from which you can find your desired companion for the daring adventure.

You will begin the journey with a hatchery, a farm, and a brooding mountain. After the first section, you will purchase more buildings that would be helpful in your hunt. Each of these buildings will have to be upgraded for more benefits and improvements. The in-game currencies of the app are gems and gold, and these are the ones you’ll require to upgrade the buildings.

Surprisingly, the battles and adventure are so interactive, and you can see your companion execute any move you select this is contrary to some of the popular methods that combine texts and still image background. Notably, you can see how your monsters are attacking the opposition. This addition is surprisingly satisfying, and the gameplay earns a big plus in this section. Further enhancements and improvements in the gameplay can be enjoyed if you update the app.

The controls befit the game

The game controls used in Monster Legends are simple and straightforward. Even on my first day with the application, I found it easy to navigate through the game. Before you hit on fight button, it’s essential that you get it right with the team formation. Hit the Change button to select monsters that possess elemental affiliation beyond those of the enemy monsters. It is also easy to check on a monster’s special skill. You just have to tap on habitat > monster. The ‘items’ icon is located just below the ‘recharge’ button, and it allows you to choose special defense, healing, or attack items while battling.

The convenience keeps you playing it over and over

The list of captivating free get games can be impossible without direct reference to Monster Legends’ replay value. The replay value of Monster Legends lies in a feature that most players are fond of: the freedom to create a combination of monster to form random breeds. With the 500 available options, some of these combinations turn out adorable and beautiful. The fighting game is also strategy based and requires you to earn trophies while climbing the rankings.  

You’ll get this game for free, but for more exciting user experience, you will need to acquire the in-app purchases. The prices range between $0.99 and $49.99, with the cheapest being the boost pack and the most expensive purchase is that of the Giant chest of gems. Other purchases include the Starter Package Offer, Handful of Gems, and Bucket of Gems.

This is what you’ve been looking for

I don’t find games that oblige me to have a specific amount of gem to upgrade or make progress. However, it’s given for most intriguing games to have some in-game currency alongside a pay-to-advance scheme. While I may prefer one-off payment with some nice storyline for a lead game, Monster Legends still steals the show. As it stands, the nice game has a lot to ensure you stay entertained. I would recommend the game for any gaming enthusiast seeking a good battle RPG simulator.

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