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This Eduweb creation was released in 2007, and the game is set in the genre of education. You can get it for free on Google Play store and App Store.
Even before delving into the review details, it is prudent to mention that though this game was launched years ago, it has gone through remodelling to fit today’s technological advances. Hence, you don’t have to play it on your computer, with the App Store and Google Play app, you can continue the mate-hunt wherever you are, and this is very liberating.

The WolfQuest graphics is what I can call ‘lightweight’ since it plays smoothly without hitches even on the most basic of smartphones. Unlike other games that require huge RAM capacity, WolfQuest doesn’t need vast space and complicated console to work. The fact that the images are in 3D is the fascination of every child. The game runs on Mac and Windows, but controlling with the keyboard can be frustrating especially in the beginning.

Get captivated by the gameplay and convenient controls

From the outlook, this game might seem an easy win thing! Oh no, it’s not. It requires a level of skill and strategy to move from step one to the next. To find a mate is the thrill of it. But again, you have to protect your pups from every other predator that might find them a feast.

If you fancy animal simulators, then this ultimate wolf simulator offers you the opportunity to live like a single wolf. The journey begins with being a weak small, and helpless cub way through maturity to become the old wolf’s ghost. Put on the skin of a gray wolf, drink, eat, run and find partners to form a pack, and ultimately journey together. This journey is even more thrilling.

The controls are incredible and finding a mate to raise a pack is not that challenging even if you’re a first-timer. WolfQuest can be played in both the single-player mode and the multiplayer mode. You have to be the protector and provider for your pups. How you balance these two is a real thrill.

With a touchscreen, the options list is right on the left corner from where you can access all the controls: run, wagtail, move forward, etc. The bite in the iOS and Android app button is at your access; the right thumb does it better.

To replay or not to replay

WolfQuest is one of the most fulfilling games. The moment you begin you want to find a mate, after seeing a mate, you’re headed for slough creeks from where adventure after adventure will keep you glued to the game like an addiction. The game update also responds effortlessly to commands. One could say that it takes a level of experience to replay the game, but no. Right from launching it, the game comes with attractive graphics that elicits a quest to play some more. Presence of a hurdle in each level further spurs creativity to thrive, thus home to high replay value.

There are in-app purchases for this game, but you have to be using the premium version to get most of them. Some of these in-app purchases include: four pet coat packs, Lamar Canyon pack, Blacktail Deer Plateau, Life is rough pack and Seven New Howls. Not only do they improve the aesthetics of the game but also add more challenge and pleasure. Additionally, before you explore the in-app purchases, please update the App Store or Google Play app for ease of performance and flawless integration.

You need this game

WolfQuest is a lead game for children but also for grownups who love fun or just want to ease their stress away.  But the latest version of the game is more than just fun, it helps challenge the mind and put the brain to the task. The fact that it was classified in education genre speaks volumes. Also, it’s compatibility with various devices makes it easy to use. I recommend this game to a parent who is interested in keeping their children entertained, profoundly engaged and learned at the same time.

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