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Have you ever wondered why Japanese people are so dreadfully intelligent?

I mean it has even become a well-known stereotype/meme that they are capable of solving the hardest of mathematical problems (including cubic equations) in their minds and that their favourite past time is building ultra-sophisticated robots in their garages.

I don’t know how close or far this is from truth honestly, but the brain-stimulating game Sudoku is one of the most famous Japanese inventions along with Mario, Mitsubishi, Pokémon franchise, anime and katanas.

Sudoku: train your brain

Along with mahjong, chess, scrabble and even Tetris, Sudoku is a tricky and a bit complicated puzzle-game. Well, it may seem to be complicated at first glance, since it involves numbers and most of us just hate the idea of doing math in their spare time!

However, it’s merely a horrifying illusion, and the principle of Sudoku-playing is elementary:

  • First, you should learn that Sudoku is a 9×9 grid that incorporates nine 3×3 sectors.
  • It shows you several digits that are called “givens”.
  • You crack the hell out of that puzzle by filling in the vacant little squares with digits from 1 to 9.
  • Every line, column and 3×3 box must not contain the repeating digits.

And that’s pretty much it! At first, you may find the task somewhat challenging – just wait until your brains adapt to cracking the Japanese riddle.

In case you get stuck, Free Sudoku Game can you give a hint through the auto-filling function. Other features the app may boast of include:

  • 3 changeable difficulty levels – by the time you make it to the third level your brain will be a raging beast.
  • Error-checking – quite useful for newbies.
  • Clear notes.
  • Auto-save – return to puzzle-solving anytime you want.

The side effects of Sudoku-playing may include:

  • Improvement of the cognitive abilities.
  • Better abstract thinking.
  • Sharper visual memory.
  • Developed ability to improvise and quickly react to surprise events.
  • Increased focus on attention, self-reliance and self-confidence.
  • Boosted strategic thinking.
  • Faster decision-making.

Just imagine how much profit you can gain from a free to get the application, and it’s needless to say that many of the world’s most brilliant intellectuals (especially Dr House) passed the time every once in a while solving Sudoku puzzles.

Neat and clean

The visuals of the game offer you nothing extraordinary, grotesque or flamboyant – it’s an orthodox Sudoku, an introspective game that requires the sheer focus of attention. That’s why the graphics are free from unnecessary elements.

The only inescapable eye-sore that a lot of the Free Sudoku Game fans are loudly complaining about (including me) is the ads.

I realize that it’s a free-to-play game with no additional in-game purchases offered to me, but gosh – it’s kinda problematic to focus on solving the riddle when an obnoxious pop-ad all of a sudden literally smacks you in the face. I hope this issue got fixed in the latest version, but as for now, I’d recommend switching off your mobile connection before playing.

Other than that the visuals of the game are blessed with calmness and simplicity. Some quiet, soothing, meditative music in the background wouldn’t hurt though.

As for the controls – they are based on effortless tapping.

Is it worth being a Sudoku-junkie?

Indubitably it is! And Free Sudoku Game, a Google Play app, is a marvellous way to master that ancient art of brain-development.

Not only will you boost your intelligence wickedly but also you’ll provide yourself with fine relaxation and distraction, especially if you’re tired of doing something extremely monotonous and repetitive.

Commendably the authors of the game are very supportive and promptly react to any sort of feedback received from the community. They don’t offer anything sensational in terms of gameplay (it’s impossible I guess) – it’s just good old Sudoku that we all know and cherish.

Free Sudoku Game is a marvellous app that will accompany you anywhere you go. It’s not something new or ground-breaking but once you have a minute to spare don’t hesitate to launch it. It’s a magnificent time-passer that rewards your brains handsomely for playing it.

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